Thursday, September 29, 2011

About Me

Hi all,

My name is Carissa McCann and I am currently in the PACE (Postsecondary Adult and Continuing Education) program under the Educational Leadership and Policy department at Portland State University. I am also working toward a Teaching Adult Learners graduate certificate in addition to the master’s degree and this certificate.

I have always been involved with and loved education. My undergraduate degree is in mathematics with an emphasis in education. I then went on to obtain two California teaching credentials. My husband and I moved to Portland a couple of years ago where I struggled to find employment as a K-12 educator and decided to get involved with adult education. I was accepted to the master’s program at Portland state and have been immensely enjoying the study of adult education.

Along with my passion for education, I’m also technologically inclined. I’ve worked with technology throughout my educational and personal life. Most recently, I worked for CASIO in their Marketing, Research, and Design office here in Portland. I continue to be an instructor for a section of their online training course for teachers across the nation who want to learn how to use one of their calculators with their students. I am also employed at Clackamas Community College as an instructional designer, helping faculty design courses, providing workshops and training, and troubleshooting technology issues related to the learning management system. For both CASIO and Clackamas Community College, Moodle is the learning management system used.

I am really looking forward to moving through this course and learning more about effective e-learning course design techniques and strategies.


  1. Carissa greetings,

    Sounds as though you bring into the course a wealth of experience and skills from which we will all be able to learn from. Are you familiar with the Oregon Virtual School District, which offers a variety of resource to Oregon educators.


  2. Thanks for the resource! I checked it out, and it looks like there's a lot of great information there. :)