Saturday, October 1, 2011

Hello all!

Sorry the introduction took so very long! My name is Monica Root. I was born and raised in Oregon, though I love to travel and have spent 3 months living in Spain. I love the outdoors, sports and spending time with my hubby and dogs. My weekends are usually full of sports and fun, so it's often a chore to sit down at the computer. ;-) I am a special education teacher in a juvenile corrections facility. I originally got my teaching license at Oregon State University in elementary education. I just finished up my licensure for special education at Portland State and am going to work on getting my high school endorsement. We use a lot of online (well, computer-based) programs at our facility and I am pretty technology challenged so I thought I would take a course to try to learn more. I am excited and nervous for the course because I tend to only do the basic things on the computer but will love knowing more. I love a challenge and am looking forward to seeing what I can learn from this class!


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