Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Hi everyone!

I'm a Technology Training and Development Specialist for Multnomah County.  I have 14 years experience with training in the workplace, and as my title implies I have experience mostly with technology training.  

We're currently in the process of deploying Moodle as an LMS.  Most of the training at my organization has always been face-to-face classroom training (or as I like to call it, Live Action), or in some cases instructions on a website.  We're looking for strategies and best practices for deploying training in other ways.


  1. Hey Justin!
    What kinds of technology and software applications do you train on? It sounds like a really interesting job. I'm so glad that government offices have learned how much they need people to do training for the end users.

    I use Moodle for a couple of courses. It's pretty intuitive. I like it a lot better than some other applications.

  2. Justin greetings,

    Last May I presented to some of the many agency representatives and adjunct faculty through PSU's Cooperative Credit Program and after my presentation met Dr. Radana Dvorak. I found out among other things that she is the author of Moodle for Dummies, http://www.dummies.com/how-to/content/moodle-for-dummies-cheat-sheet.html. In doing a little bit of looking around I also see that she is teaching a few Moodle 'how to' courses through PSU, see http://www.eltsolutions.com/courses.htm. She may be someone for you to talk to in the future as I know she could be of help/support during your agencies transition to Moodle.